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Colorful Fruity Nails

Colorful Fruity Nails for the #ablecs15 challenge.

 Week 3 of the #ablecs15 challenge: “Fruitylicious”

IMG_0565 (2)okk

Although I bite my nails, this time I wanted to do nail art on my nails since finally are growing back!!

When I think about a Fruitylicious theme, I suddenly think to something colorful.. so for this mani I realised a colorful nail art and each nail is different to each other. 

Stavolta ho voluto realizzare la nail art sulle mie unghie stesse anche se purtroppo io mi mangio le unghie (anche se l’anno scorso ero riuscita a farle crescere completamente, ma adesso le ho di nuovo troppo corte), però almeno non sono troppo corte!!

Ho fatto una manicure molto colorata con un colore diverso su ogni unghia, e ho poi applicato i pezzetti di frutta scegliendoli anche in base al colore di base di ogni unghia.

IMG_0562 (2) okk

On the thumb and on the middle finger I made a gradient, although on the middle I came out wrong ops :-/….

IMG_0552 (3) okk

On the pinky I sponged a light blue holographic polish on a dark blue base, and then the fruit;

on the ring finger I just use a glittery teal nail polish combined with slice of fruit.

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Rubber ducky & lots of bubbles

Rubber ducky & lots of bubbles 🙂

IMG_0283 (3)ok

Hi everyone! 🙂 This is the second theme for the January monthly challenge by #naillinkup : “Rubber duckies”!! I imagined the yellow of the rubber ducky in contrast with the light blue of the water, with lots and lots of celestial and white bubbles  :-)… and so here goes… I’m happy with how came out.:-) Rubber duckies are so cute!!

IMG_0280 (2)

I’m sorry for fake nails too squared :-(.

IMG_0274 (2)


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nail art: Pupa holographic and light blue flowers <3

Hi everyone!!

it was a long time since I wrote but I was ill… But I’m proud to show  the first attempt when drawing handmade flowers (on ring finger and thumb) with a brush! I had not tried until yet!:-)


On the rest of my nails I applied the PUPA holographic polish (light blue).. I wanted on my hands something that reminds me the colours of the sea and so i combined these colours and desingn togheter.


The polishes i used:



– Pupa holographic nail polish n°33

– Wjcon (white)

– Debby n 107 (light blue)

– Avon arabian glow “teal infusion”

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